from Foundation to the Real World

01. Sept. 2009 (13:00-17:40)
Am Campus 1 - Klosterneuburg AUSTRIA


1. Sept. 2009
[13:00 - 13:10] Thomas Henzinger (ISTA-President)
[13:10 - 13:20] Hans G. Feichtinger (University of Vienna)
Harmonic Analysis at NuHAG (from the foundations to real world applications)
[13:25 - 14:10] Ingrid Daubechies (Princeton)
Harmonic Analysis with Applications to Image Processing
[14:15 - 14:40] Massimo Fornasier (RICAM)
Numerical harmonic analysis and real-life applications
[14:45 - 15:30] Karlheinz Groechenig (University of Vienna)
Wiener's Lemma: Theme and Variations
[16:00 - 16:45] Thomas Strohmer (University of California, Davis)
The Richness of Sparsity: How Harmonic Analysis will Transform Technology
There will be a bus leaving at 12:15 from the AGIP station resp. street-car stations line "D" in Althahnstrasse (on the opposite side of the main faculty exit at Nordbergstrasse) which will bring all of you directly to ISTA (and the bus will go back right after the event, around 17:45).

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