Generalized Functions - Special Edition
June 03 - 06, 2010
Novi Sad, Serbia

This conference is organized in the honor of professor Stevan Pilipovics' 60-th birthday.

The lectures will be in general connected to the work of professor Pilipovic and will be given by his coauthors and distinguished friends.

In its spirit the conference might be viewed as one of the “Generalized Functions” conferences which have had a long tradition. The last one was organized in Wien, 2009. and the forthcoming will be held in Martinique in 2011 .

Our Department and University has successfully organized conferences Generalized Functions (GF—96 and GF – 2004) in Novi Sad and Generalized Functions and Complex Analysis (GFCA--87) in Dubrovnik. As a supplement there will be a workshop Novi Sad – Seoul on Sunday, June 6th.

The conference will take place at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics situated in the campus of the University of Novi Sad walking distance from the City center.

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