Workshop on approximation theory and applications
University of Vienna, AUSTRIA


Friday, 15.04.2016
13:00 V1 Student of Philipp Grohs
13:40 V2 Rotational Anisotropic Wavelet Transform, S. Guetschow
14:20 V3 Optimal Gabor Frame Bounds, M. Faulhuber
15:00 Coffee break
15:30 V4 Numerically stable arc spline approximation, S. Brummer
16:10 V5 Pseudo-spline projectors for Multigrid, V. Turati
16:50 Basta
18:30 joint dinner

Saturday, 16.04.2016
09:00 Hermite subdivision on manifolds, C. Moosmueller
09:40 A class of Hermite multiwavelets, N. Sissouno
10:20 Coffee break
10:50 V8 Parabolic curvelet transform, T. Fink
11:30 V9 THE commutative diagram of signal processing, B. Forster-Heinlein
12:10 Basta

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