FLAME Kickoff
May 7.-8. 2012
Acoustics Research Institute, Vienna, AUSTRIA

This is the kickoff-workshop for the project FLAME.

The Project 'Frames and Linear Operator for Acoustical Modeling and Parameter Estimation' - Flame starts in May 2012 and is planned to run until April 2018. It is funded as a START-project.

The mathematical concept of frames describes a theoretical background for signal processing. Frames are generalizations of orthonormal bases that give more freedom for the analysis and modification of information - however, this concept is still not firmly rooted in applied research. The link between the mathematical frame theory, the signal processing algorithms, their implementations and finally acoustical applications is a very promising, synergetic combination of research in different fields.

Therefore the main goal of this multidisciplinary project is to
Establish Frame Thory as Theoretical Backbone of Acoustical Modeling
in particular in psychoacoustics, phonetic and computational acoustics as well as audio engineering.

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